Stondon Stompers Pre-School

Children at the heart of all we do

Ofsted rated "Good" September 2016

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Established 1971

The Learning Environment

At Stondon Stompers Pre-School we recognise that for any child to learn they must feel safe and valued and above all learning should be fun. We aim to offer an environment in which all children can thrive and encourage their naturally enquiring minds to explore the world around them.

Our Pre-School is open to all children between the ages of 2½ years and rising 5 years.

Children can explore, enjoy, achieve and progress to their fullest potential at their own pace through both child and adult initiated learning experiences.

We shall promote equality of opportunities and positive attitudes to issues that arise both from a multi-cultural society and from those with disabilities, to help children interact well with other children and adults. Staff will be positive role models and supportive of children’s individuality, culture and learning experiences.

This shall be achieved by providing challenging and stimulating experiences in line with our policies that take into account a child’s individual needs, their interests and choices, as well as encouraging the involvement of parents and carers, to build on what has been learnt at home. Planning is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage, covering the seven areas of learning:

Our planning is child led reflecting children’s interests and builds on what the children already know.

We offer additional support through our Lift off to Language sessions which runs for a 6 weekly program

Stondon Stompers Pre-School
Children at the heart of all we do